SLArt here!

Today’s festivities will be at The Artropolis Hut at 2:00pm EST!



The hut is ready!

The finishing touches have been laid in the Artropolis Hut. We just have to build and move the exhibit in in time for tomorrow’s opening at 2!


Preparations Continue

With the generous help of SL Resident Tuna Oddfellow, the hut is beginning to take on a party atmosphere in anticipation of Monday’s opening.

Below: Tuna Oddfellow works his magic getting things set up.

Laying the Groundwork

The sun has long since set. Chianti Carmichael take a moment to survey the progress.

After Midnight baby…

Our final project hut - pic 1

This is a picture of the artist hut where we will be presenting our final project on Monday, April 30. It’s located on Artropolis. More details soon . . .

Interview with Jeff Lipsky, aka Filthy Fluno

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This is the video from our interview with Jeff Lipsky. You can read more about it from Aubree’s post (below).

Runtime: 42:10, size: 320×240, 98mb, QuickTime .MOV, H.264 codec

Attribution: Music used in this Visual Artist in Second Life video podcast was sampled from a track by “pilot” titled “multireplicalproliferation” available under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

Filthy Fluno

Welcome to Filthy's

Welcome to Filthy’s” by Aubree Lawrence, aka Chianti Charmichael. Chianti writes,

This is the entrance to Filthy Fluno’s (aka Jeff Lipsky) Second Life Artropolis gallery space.

Check out other pictures from Aubree (err, I mean Chianti) of Filthy Fluno and his Second Life gallery over at Flickr.

Interview with Jeff Lipsky

Colin and I grabbed some equipment and headed up north to visit with artist Jeff Lipsky in his studio. Lipsky, his wife Anya, and Monkey (which I think is a brilliant dog’s name) made us feel very welcome as we sat down to learn more about the role SL has played in Lipsky’s development as an artist. It was great to see the work I had so long admired in Second Life in real life, and exciting to learn so much about SL’s art community. Below is a summary of Lipsky’s story. We will be posting audio and video from our interview with Jeff next week.

“I discovered Second Life on the cover of Business Week magazine in the dentist’s office,” says artist Jeff Lipsky (aka “Filthy Fluno”) with a broad smile. It was in that moment that he first became interested in SL. He signed up to begin what would be a life-changing journey in the virtual world. It wasn’t apparent from the outset, however, just how much the future would hold. At first SL didn’t really do too much for him, but he hung around a bit and in time started to see the possibilities SL might pose for his artwork.

Support and encouragement from fellow SL artists gave Lipsky the confidence he needed to really set up his studio again and start promoting his artwork online. His pastels, which are inspired by events and people he meets in Second Life, quickly came into demand. Lipsky’s talent and hard work met with great success, allowing him to leave his current job to become an artist full time. Now, in addition to working as an artist, touring with his art, and selling his work online, Lipsky is turning his attention to supporting newbie SL artists. Using the island Artropolis as a platform, Lipsky is working to help other artists find success and community in Second Life, offering them the same encouragement that was so critical to his own success.