Interview with Jeff Lipsky

Aubree and I spoke with Jeff Lipsky, aka Filthy Fluno, today for a Visual Artist in Second Life podcast. We’ll be posting both the audio and video from our interview with Jeff next week.

In the meantime, check out more photos from today.


JC Fremont at work in Second Life with John Craig Freeman at work in real life.”
Photo by John Craig Freeman

Download the audio podcast (time: 14:30)

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Emerson College Assistant Professor John (Craig) Freeman talks about his work Imaging Place in Second Life.

If you are an artist creating and sharing your work in Second Life, please consider contributing to this project by sharing your experiences here on this blog. Leave your comments below.

We are looking for responses to some of the following questions:

1. How do you spend your time in Second Life?
2. What do you do in Second Life?
3. Do you hang out in Second Life? If so, where?
4. Do you only go on to post art and nothing else?
5. Where and when do you work?
6. Is there anything political about it?
7. Do you talk about things other than art?
8. Do you discuss the challenges of your craft in Second Life with other Second Life artists?

We will be sharing the results of our findings here on this blog at the end of our semester, in late April. If you would like to participate but wish to remain anonymous please email us with your responses at the following address: colin_rhinesmith (AT) emerson (DOT) edu.

Thank you for your participation.

Project Work Plan

We will be exploring visual artist communities in Second Life. We will be looking for answers to the following questions:

  • How does the particular artist community chosen (most likely Artropolis) self-identify?
  • Who is allowed to exhibit, who is not?
  • Who sets the rules?
  • How does the community “perform” and participate in said community?
  • What are the community’s goals?
  • What mediums do they use?

To complete the project we will observe the artist community both in and out of Second Life, including: Blogs, Artist’s Personal Websites, Google/Yahoo Groups, Real Life (there’s been talk of an SL/RL art exhibit), and other art-community-related websites.

The form of the final project will be in this blog (linked to from Learning Portals as a project). The blog will allows others to follow along with the project from the begining, allowing others to participate and provide a space to present the project in its final form with interview data and analysis; visual snapshots of SL and RL participation, and (hopefully) podcasts of conversations.

Aubree wil be responsible for drafting guidelines for things to talk about, more than a list of questions; ‘Making connections’ and finding the story in the data and will also help create content for the final project. Colin’s main responsibilities include developing the online presentation of the project, as well as ethnographic interviewing, and reviewing the data for stories.